Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How to write a Memoir: Or Expounding Explanations 08 17 2010

1.     Think of and remember things in your life.
2.     Think of how you would talk about what you are thinking about.  Think about what your feelings are about the history.
3.     Write the words of what you would say verbally about the memory down on paper.
4.     This serves as a starting point as once you have the initial basis on paper it becomes easier to write more about it.  What you have done is create something for you memories to grow around and build upon.  This method will improve your writing of memoirs.  You might even put what you wrote aside for a while and upon reading it the next time find yourself arguing with what you wrote.  “It was more like this!” You say to yourself.  The next step would be to reconcile what you have written with additions of expounding explanations.
5.     Also make a list of other topics and events that you would like to include in the memoir.  And work on them as they touch your spirit and memory.  And your memoir will increase.  You will also become more intelligent.  Remember memory is the basis of learning and intelligence.

Good and true memories are often fleeting and ephemeral, capture and preserve those memories on paper for all to know.  Whether they are beautiful or the opposite.  A lot of people benefit from stories of the opposite type.  So as you experience pain with recalling them, remember you might be helping someone who is going through the same thing cope.  Now you can’t beat a memory like that, can you?
God Bless Those Who Have the Courage to Write and Speak the Truth

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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