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How to Write a Research Paper, Essay or Article 01 24 2010

How to Write a Research Paper, Essay or Article 01 24 2010

1. Step One: Pour out everything you know about what you want to write on pages of a yellow legal pad. Type this in your computer.

2. Step two: Read through Step One notes and see how the elements can be grouped in terms of paragraph or section headings. Besides Introduction and Summary. Now on a separate piece of paper draw up a rough outline with section headings. Just shore one bullet point elements. Type this in your computer.

3. Step three: Now take sentences form pages in step one and put a label to the left of them in terms of what section in your outline they will fit.

4. Now take the sentences identified in step three and drop them in your outline under the appropriate heading. Have both word processing documents open and drop them into your outline under the heading. When everything from step one is transferred to your outline your done with this step. If you use control X and then paste, do not resave your step one document. What this process is actually doing is panning out your unique perspective.

5. Now resave the outline with the title Draft Outline. At this stage you can either print it and look at the print out to see where the sentences go better or make as many changes on the computer before you print it and follow the step in the first part of this sentence.

6. Now look at this and rewrite it completely on a yellow legal pad while reading it or change what you have there on the computer to from smooth flowing sentences, in a coherent order that follows a rational stream of consciousness.

7. Now read it and see how it sounds to your “ear” and make appropriate changes.

8. Now present this and face the criticism because it’s all over the place. And it bedazzled their brains comprehension.

If you want to get religious about it you can think of the Outline as The Father, the draft Outline as the Son and pour out everything on legal pads in step one as the Holy Ghost. And there you have the Unity of the Father and Holy Ghost in the Son.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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